From Blonde, to Bald, to Bold

And forever with a smile

Welcome to my website! First and foremost, please watch my video under the "My Story," tab and read the text under the video to understand my journey with Alopecia. I hope from scrolling through my site, it encourages you to believe in your own power, to believe that beauty is not physical, to understand that everyone is going through something, to feel inspired to be YOU, and to appreciate what you have because you truly do not know what you have, until it's gone. I feel very grateful that I can share this with the world because this is my healing tool in my personal journey!


I have so much to share about who I am, my struggles, my hair loss, my health, my diet, fitness, and of course the thing that is my forever outlet, dance. I moved to Los Angeles in August of 2017 and this city, along with my health condition has forever changed me. I live a gluten free and vegan lifestyle, in hopes of healing my body, which I am sharing because I believe if you (and your loved ones)  have your health, you have everything.


I teach a workout class every week, I’d love to have you there or even have you spread the word! I currently teach ballet at two different studios and feel very passionate about encouraging young children to be who they want to be.


Thank you, thank you thank you, for reading!!! You are totally playing a part in my healing process. XO