For 22 years, I lived one way. I could wake up and simply start my day, just the way I was. I could go to ballet, throw my hair in a bun and take class, I could jump in a pool and swim laps, I could run and dive into waves in the ocean. I could take a hot yoga class and know that I could hop in a shower after and the sweat would be washed off and my hair would be cleaned, fresh, and ready to go. I could go out on the town and do a beautiful, straight back pony to switch up my look. Or I could do some funky braids or different parts down the middle or side of my head. For 22 years that was the way I lived, like most people do who have hair.

Now for the past two years......... everything I do revolves around my hair. I used to get my wig glued on every month, for a month. AKA I would sleep, shower, sweat,

E V E R Y T H I N G in the wig without removing it from my head. So I would sleep with my head on my arm, so it wouldn't rough up the wig. Legit every night for the first like 6 months I would sleep in one position, with my head on my arm because I was still getting used to having it permanently on my head. I would barely want to work out or sweat because it was a whole event to wash the wig....and I LOVE working out, it sucked. I would skip dance classes or wear hats and hide because again, it was just such a thing. I can't do hair-ography like everyone else. I couldn't whip my head around in all of these classes and feel confident, sexy, and good about it. Besides just having no hair on my head, when I wake up everyday (gratefully it's almost back now) but half of my left eyebrow was gone and the end of my right eyebrow was also gone. So you bet I bring my eyebrow pencil with me every single place I go. So for a year and a few months, I wore a wig and held myself back from doing these everyday, humanly activities because it was such a hassle to deal with. It is SO crazy the amount of appreciation I have for these simple activities now.....

As of 9.26.18... I took my life back. I made a short little video at the end of the blog to show clips of all of my new endeavors as a bald girl!! Check it out.

10 things I haven't done in a YEAR because of my wig:

1. Jumped into a pool

2. Went out to a bar with my new look!

3. Ran and dove into the ocean

4. I took hot yoga and could actually do the upside down poses with zero fear that my wig would be so sweaty that it could fall off

5. I went for a run!!!! Omg the wind blowing on my head!! Could not have felt more refreshing.

6. Took about 12 dance class with nooooo wig-- I could actually use my neck and dance full out & feel SO good about it

7. I've gone to probably like 8 auditions bald-- scary and so intimidating, but I could dance full out and focus on performing and not just trying to keep my wig in place the whole time.

8. I taught my Plyojam class with no wig, again I just felt so comfortable and like I could move the way I used to-free and full out

9. I went for a hike, I just felt so connected to nature, honestly, it felt so good to be me, exercising, enjoying CA in my most natural authentic way possible

AND 10.... I haven't completed a #10 yet, but I know that I want #10 to be.... "Went to the gym with no wig"

**hold me to it... I will do it, I will, I will, I will & you'll all be the first to know!!**


I need to appreciate the small things and also the small victories. I need to liiiiiiive my life. A simple canon ball in a pool, now means SO much to me. It is nearly impossible to fully appreciate things until they are taken away-- something I need to focus more on, loving what I do have. It's just so crazy how restrictive that wig can be, and I'm not realizing it until now. I want to liiiiive everyday, think less, and enjoy moments more.

SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF YOU READING THIS!!!!! DO SOMETHING CRAZY TODAY... crazy meaning something you're a little scared of--talk to that hottie at the gym, buy yourself acting classes, make a video of you singing or working out and post it, make a makeup tutorial, ANYTHING that your heart kinda wants to do but has always been a little afraid of, just do it!!!!! If I can live my life bald--you can do anything.

EMAIL ME AND TELL ME WHAT YOU DID PPL!!!!!!! And then we can hold each other accountable to continue to push each other to greatness!!