This is a class video from the amazing, beautiful, and insanely talented Jojo Gomez's class. One of my first classes I went to without my wig, after sharing my story. This video is a tribute to all of those people who feel stuck... at a job, in a relationship, in a city,

DO SOMETHING about it. Trust yourself and make a change. You do not have to live unhappy or unfulfilled. Design the life of your dreams.

This video exemplifies pure fun!! My roommate and I created this with our two twin friends that we did a dance program with in NYC about two and a half years ago! I firmly believe in balance and think this video shows a fun, flirty, carefree side!!! ENJOY.

"Rise" was created by myself and my best friend, Morgan DeValliere. We met because we both lost all of our hair, from alopecia. We decided we needed to express our emotion through our passion. This song is the epitome of our lives. We said this then and we say this now, we will always Rise. We will beat alopecia... and ya know the most beautiful thing about this... Morgan has won. She has her full head of hair back. Check out her blog at This is a tribute to all those out there that are fighting resistance, keep fighting and rise above it, because you can.

(Collaborated with the ever so talented Parker Wright for this one).

I created "Golden," after I went through an awful breakup. This dance exemplifies my journey to heal my broken heart. This is a tribute to anyone out there who doesn't feel good enough, a reminder that you are stronger than you think. This is one of the last videos I have with my real hair before it all fell out.


Dance is my escape. My outlet. Dance allows me to express my pain. Dance has saved me in my lowest moments. And you bet nothing will ever take dance away from me.