CELERY JUICE IS CURING ME!!!!! AND IT CAN CURE YOU TOO!! (even if you don't think you need to be cured, this will benefit your lifeeeeee)

Why celery juice?...take notes

1. Raises hydrochloric acid in the gut

**hydrochloric acid helps your body break down, digest, absorb nutrients such as protein**

2. Clears up skin, who doesn't want clear skin, cmon ppl

3. Strengthens digestion

4. Anti inflammatory

**inflammation causes many health problems and several major diseases**

5. Contains powerful natural mineral salts

6. Balances PH

**PH stands for power of hydrogen--PH scale ranges from 1 to 14, an 7 is neutral, less than 7=acidic, greater than 7=alkaline**

8. Starves pathogens, yeast

**bacteria, viruses, fungi**

9. Stabilizes blood pressure

10. Flushes toxins and debris out of the intestinal tract and liver.

11. Helps good bacteria thrive

Every single morning, I start my day off with a glass of juiced organic celery juice. Every. single. morning. I honestly feel so energized and clear minded after drinking it. Not even bullshitting you, if I drink celery juice one morning and coffee the next morning, I feel a complete difference. Like really, I feel so much more awake but also at peace and no racing heart or later exhaustion from the caffine in coffee. I do about 2-3 single celeries each time. Make sure it is organic celeryyyyy!!!!!!

I firmly believe consuming things from the earth will heal my body, and grow my hair back.... I follow @medicalmedium & he rocks!!!!! You should seeee how much of my hair has already grown!!!


If you actually try this... obviously take a selfie with the juice, tag me, and put in on your story because you all know I love a good insta story moment!!!!!!

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